Cloudflare WARP Teams Routed IP doesn't cover WSL

I am running a split tunnel on Cloudflare WARP Teams. Some private IPs are routed through WARP. I could access these private IPs on Windows fine. I can’t access them via WSL2. Is there something I could do to make these private routes available via WSL2?


I’ve been having the same issues with WSL2 and Docker Desktop for some user’s in our organization.

We have previously been able to temporarily resolve it by restarting the WSL environment (wsl --shutdown from powershell) after we have connected with Cloudflare Teams, but that doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

I’ve also tried to install warp-cli on the WSL environment and connect directly from there, but I can’t get it to authenticate when running warp-cli teams-enroll ${ORG_NAME} as it just opens up the windows installed warp client.

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I had a similar issue within WSL2, I am unsure about your particular issue but I resolved mine by enabling “Proxy Mode” in the Advanced section of the WARP client.
Within WSL2, run set HTTPS_PROXY=https://localhost:<proxy_port> in the terminal.

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Thank you for idea, unfortunately i cant use this option, im using multiple clients in wsl like ssh/psql/etc and not all are working properly with HTTP_PROXY setting in Linux EVN. Im kind of hoping for some routing fix or way to extract enrollment config without browser login ;/

Powershell/Gitbash are working perfectly fine with his (including non WSL docker backend)

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