Cloudflare Warp Teams doesn't work after certificate update

The Cloudflare Warp Teams client on Windows stopped working some days ago; applications were displaying error messages regarding invalid certificates. Also the Cloudflare Warp Teams client showed a message that connectivity was limited due to certificate issues.

So after some research I figured that I would have to install/reinstall the Cloudflare Root CA certificates, which I did by now.

Since then most of the applications (Chrome, Firefox, Steam, etc.) work without problems but others including Windows Update do not work and throw connection errors. (e.g. error 0x80245006 for Windows Update)

I had no issues prior, but for several days now, after for whatever reason the root certificates stopped working, which forced me to reinstall them, connectivity for some applications is limited or not working at all.

When turning off the Cloudflare Warp Teams client completely, everything works just fine.

Am I missing something? Would I need to clear some caches or something?

Thanks a lot for help on this!

This looks like the certificate was installed into your personal account and not machine account.