Cloudflare WARP Speeds/Assigned IP


Ever since the BGP announcement issues on 04/26,([Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Zero Trust: WARP+ performance degradation](https://Cloudflare Incidents Webpage))

I’ve been assigned IPs with no iPv6.

  • Today, I’m getting either a IP with iPv6, or a IP with no iPv6 (constantly switching between the two) .

No clue what’s going on and I’m not sure if WARP is supposed to behave this way.


While I usually have IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity, using WARP with the Zero Trust Gateway, I just happened to check at, and only have IPv4 at the moment.

Also, all of these tests will usually pass at Test your IPv6. ( But, the IPv6 ones are failing now though.

Test with IPv4 DNS record
ok (1.422s) using ipv4

Test with IPv6 DNS record
timeout (15.020s)

Test with Dual Stack DNS record
ok (1.091s) using ipv4

Test for Dual Stack DNS and large packet
ok (1.033s) using ipv4

Test IPv6 large packet
timeout (15.016s)

Test if your ISP's DNS server uses IPv6
ok (1.128s) using ipv4

Find IPv4 Service Provider
ok (1.081s) using ipv4 ASN 13335

Find IPv6 Service Provider
timeout (15.010s)

What colo are you connecting to?

I’m on ORD

Toronto (YYZ)

it may be a difference between http/2 and http/3 connections?

If it helps, during my testing I found when I was assigned a 104.28.x.x IP, and visited a website over HTTP/2 (i.e only supports up to http/2 right now), it showed Cloudflare’s IP instead of my own.

Whereas when I visited any other website over HTTP/3, it properly showed Cloudflare’s. I remember not too long ago there was an issue for a while where the exact opposite was happening, http/3 showing CF’s IP. This might help explain why randomly some websites are showing real IP and then CF’s IP.

This issue is really strange though, even when I get a 104.28.x.x, my IPv6 works fine. But obviously, something’s wrong when CF isn’t properly changing the real ip headers back to my own IP.

Many people, myself included, have been experiencing the same problems for a long time. Won’t this problem be solved? Did we pay for nothing?

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We have been using high ping and inefficient warp+ since IP 104.28.xx was defined. We sent feedback through the app but it was not resolved. The problem has been going on for 1 month.

I have another problem. Im dont understand why im from Ukraine connecting to USA location. All last mounth was connected to AMS in Europe…

FYI you don’t need to pay for Warp+, you can use Cloudflare for Teams Gateway for free unlimited Warp data.

For me,

The high ping and inefficient speeds were recently resolved. I think it was a bad BGP announcement in Australia, but I can’t remember exactly what the problem was from the top of my head.

The being defined did introduce a variety of problems though, that’s for sure.

IIRC the change was 04/26(?)

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Has anyone had any changes recently?

I haven’t personally

I posted in this separate topic when I was seeing similar issues using WARP signed in to a Zero Trust teams account. My IP has been changing as often as multiple times per minute, and your post made me realize that IPv6 was also broken for me. I opened a ticket with Support on Friday, still waiting for a response.

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