Cloudflare WARP Service Logs Size

Hi, I use the Cloudflare WARP program for Windows and I just wanted to ask how large should my service logs be getting? Specifically the cfwarp_service logs under the ProgramData/Cloudflare folder.

I know their size fluctuates but they’ve grown larger lately than what I’m used to. So would there be a way to reset or decrease the size of the logs?

Anyone have a clue about this? They’re not particularly large, just a few Mb but I’m just worried if their size could balloon into a problem.

Well a couple weeks later and the size of the logs did eventually go back down to kb if not byte size. But just today they’re starting to increase again to mb.

Is this just something thats a normal and expected behaviour with the service logs?

So this process of the service logs sizes going up and down still continues. For a few days the size of the logs will continue to increase until they’re each close 6mb, then over the course of another few days they’ll all decrease again till they’re kilobytes in size each. Then it repeats. I’ve noticed it’s the main log file, the txt document one, that affects the other 3 log files. With the other three’s size changing per day in accordance to what size the plain text log file got up to.

I know this is likely nothing I should be fussing over but I’d still like to know if this behaviour is a normal and known process.

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