Cloudflare warp routing to singapore instead of mumbai

Cloudflare warp routing to singapore instead of mumbai which is causing me issues and high ping in mumbai server. how to fix the issue?

This FAQ entry answers it really well:

Why am I not connecting to a closer Cloudflare data center?

As our Network Map shows, we have locations all over the globe. However, in the Advanced Connection stats of our application, you may notice that the server you are connecting to is not necessarily the one physically closest to your location. This can be due to a number of reasons:

  • We work hard to prevent it, but sometimes your nearest server might be having problems. Check the system status for more information.
  • Your Internet provider may choose to route traffic along an alternate path for reasons such as cost savings, reliability, or other infrastructure concerns.
  • Not all Cloudflare locations are WARP enabled. We are constantly evaluating performance and how users are connecting, bringing more servers online with WARP all the time.

There’s nothing specific you can do, either Mumbai isn’t WARP enabled or your ISP isn’t routing you to it.