Cloudflare Warp over proxy?

hello everyone
before i start this topic i must say i’m really sorry for my bad english language and i’m from 3rd world country

My country government blocked cloudflare warp servers and that app stuck at (updating connection) - below server list blocked :

Only this Ipv6 server work on isp with ipv6 APN Protocol :


My questions is :

1 - Are there any way to set http/socks proxy in cloudflare warp app?
2 - Are there any way to tunnel wireguard over http/socks proxy or websockets?
3 - Are there any FREE way like SNI Host or domain fronting to unblock cloudflare warp SERVERS in my country?
4 - Are there any way to use cpanel host or linux server for connecting to cloudflare warp servers from my country? for example php script that i run on cpanel host and it convert my host to domain fronting feature (I prefer a cpanel because it is very affordable for me)
5 - Plz answer any questions or ways like this 4 questions that if you think I forgot to ask because most of users in high internet censorship countries need cloudflare warp and goverment blocked it. plz provide any free or cheap way to unblock warp

(plz note that i tested 500 or 1702 port but not worked - i tested DNS-over-TLS feature but not working)

Cloudflare WARP is not made to bypass censorship or to change location.

It would be easier to find a different VPN for bypassing your country’s restrictions.

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tnq sir for your reply

i know this - warp is good for gaming and have low ping - it is free - most of other VPNs have high ping and maybe need to Purchase

yesterday one of my friends shared me a proxy from my country that when i set in Warp app custom endpoint it work and warp app start to working!

i checked that proxy only work with warp app custom endpoint and not work with web browsers proxy settings! this mean that ip:port is not http or socks proxy! even it work in wireguard config of warp! - it even changed my ip to !!!

i want to know how someone created this custom endpoint? are there any tutorial for creating warp custom endpoint in our linux server? (for beginners)

i checked that custom endpoint not private because it works on several mobile phones with warp app! (no specific private or public key need!!)

i checked that custom endpoint server and not in cloudflare ip ranges! - it server located on my country datacenters but when i connect using it to warp app it change my ip to

yes i know - but for most of reason i must use warp app

i want to know how someone created this custom endpint :

when i set it warp app custom endpoint warp connect again and revival!

i want a tutorial and creating something like this on my private server

Hi ,
How Create Cutstom Endpoint for App ?
is there any api or method to create the custom endpoint?

Thanks for Help.

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