Cloudflare WARP + on Gateway

When doing the /cdn-cgi/trace on my Teams Warp client, It says warp=on - assuming that is standard WARP not WARP+ (teams equivalent of the consumer offering)?

For those who do get the benefit from the WARP+ routes etc… is it possible to enable WATP+ on teams accounts?

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I believe WARP for Teams is already using Cloudflare’s backbone network (which is the same as what WARP+ is offering), so nothing to worry about.

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Thanks. Im not 100% sure I have ever seen the difference in speed but our trial group asked the question, bit odd that the trace doesn’t show it was WARP+ just “On”

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Let me summon @MVP and see whether they can confirm this.


That is standard warp. For warp+, warp=plus is shown

I’m using Gateway For Teams Enterprise edition and Warp+ For Teams but not sure if if Warp+ is tied to your Cloudflare plan or more likely your Gateway for Teams plan.

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If the user is using WARP for Teams, I believe the user will see gateway=on in the /cdn-cgi/trace.

On Android 11, my using Gateway for Teams Warp+, that says gateway=off

Linked to my Organisation name from Cloudflare Gateway For Teams Enterprise

But for differences

not sure anything here has really answered the question. So warp=on is standard not warp plus? Cant see anything about warp + on any of the images, already know the differences and looked at that web page (personally I dont see the actual difference in functionality between the two), but no-one seems to of confirmed if Teams uses WARP or WARP+??

I believe it’s standard. Here’s a similar thread:

Right so we will just say Teams is standard then, as the posted link is a slightly different case, as that is WARP consumer, not the teams gateway.

Thanks for everyones help but not sure anyone really knows as we seem to be just throwing links and other use cases. Good enough for me to go back to.

@kkrum can probably provide a quick answer or theory.

maybe my screenshot at Cloudflare WARP + on Gateway - #5 by eva2000 was too small, here’s larger version see text in Gateway with Warp - says Warp+

On Warp+ for Teams desktop


Just because it’s in writing in the app, it doesn’t mean I’m convinced. :innocent:

Why doesn’t cdn-cgi/trace show it as Plus?

it does for me cdn-cgi/trace

uag=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/97.0.4678.0 Safari/537.36

warp=on (std)
warp=plus (warp+)

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That’s not what the OP is seeing at the top of this thread. :thinking:

Cloudflare For Teams has different plans though

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That looks like WAPR+ consumer as gateway is off… so its not using teams but just warp

Yeah could be, though I am using DoH custom setting in my browser too linked to Cloudflare For Teams Gateway.

My plan says


So DoH Subdomain isn’t the same as teams, that just redirects the DNS to your teams configuration but doesn’t touch the WARP tunnel config. Im using Teams Free at the moment (still in trial and setting up) with HTTPS inspection and WARP Client Authentication via Cloudflare Access, but even standard doesn’t say about WARP+ or any changes, just about support and logging.

None of the Teams plans say about WARP. There is often a bit of detail lacking from Cloudflare products which is a shame. To be honest think ill just say its just standard as not sure anyone really knows for sure and the products get confusing when you mix Warp consumer, with DoH subdomain of a Teams account.

Yeah might need to contact Cloudflare support/sales to ask for clarification about Warp+ specifically.

edit: I don’t have network or HTTP policy enabled in Gateway so maybe that’s why it says gateway=off