Cloudflare WARP on Android has been unreliable lately

Device registered on Cloudflare for Teams. in Gateway with WARP mode.

The phone frequently is disconnected from the Internet. The most likely cause is is stuck in either ‘waiting for network connection’ (there is no captive portal on home network) or in a state where traffic is set to go through the tunnel but the tunnel seems unresponsive. Toggling the connection button off and back on usually fixes the issue.

I am unable to share the console logs since clicking on the share button just hangs the app. This seems to be happening since the last update (ver 6.16 (2483)).

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

In the console logs, I see a lot of failed DNS resolution for ‘’. Except I do not see these queries hit the local DNS server on the LAN.

Looks like the same issue was reported in Jan at Warp connection unstable

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