Cloudflare WARP not working

hello i downloaded cloudflare wrap and it’s not working i keep getting an error


Can you confirm the version of Warp and also your OS version? A link from can confirm the OS part.
i just download this wrap so the should be the latest version

OK - two things to try:

  1. is your internet access working correctly when you run the installer?
  2. do you have any other VPN software installed (make sure it isn’t running before you run the installer)
  1. yes my internet is working fine
  2. yes i have other vpn installed but not using them

Can you make sure the VPN software isn’t running at the time you attempt to install? I mean the client application should be closed entirely - not just unconnected.

still not working

Could you run the installer again from Powershell and it will save a log file:

.\Cloudflare_WARP_Debug-x64.msi /l log.txt

Then share the output from log.txt - should give us some insight into what might be happening.

hi im sorry i have no idea how to that simon :confused:

I’m not a windows expert these days - but basically if you open the powershell application from your start menu, you will then get a terminal screen.

If you then use the cd command to navigate to the directory where you have downloaded the Cloudflare_WARP_Debug-x64.msi installer, you can then run the command above. The log file should then be saved in that same directory so you can open it from there with a text editor to see the output and paste it to us here.


I do not understand anything

If you look on YouTube you will find some good basic tutorials of how to use PowerShell - here’s one I found:

so i have watched the video i navigated to Cloudflare_WARP_Release-x64 thats what i downloaded but i don’t know how to open with a text editor so we can see the output

If this could be related to a solutions and ideas provided in the topic below, kindly take a look here:

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