Cloudflare Warp not working - version: 1.2.2156.0

Hello! Yesterday windows did some updates to system, and also I updated Cloudflare WARP to version: 1.2.2156.0 . After that program stopped working. I get message: “We are unable to register your client with the WARP client”
Did someone encounter this problem? What can i do?

I have the same problem.Can i ask where are u from?

Sure! I am from Azerbaijan.

I hope this thing is easy fixible

Yo im from Azerbaijan too!Salam Aleykum!Are u also trying to play games but WARP doesn’t work after update?

Salam aleykum, lol. Yeah, games, youtube and other stuff.
image . Warp stucked on this message

I have a a good vpn for you.Youtube works,games don’t.It is Lantern VPN.Honestly i never thought i will find an Azerbaijani person with the same problem because of the war.I am very surprised.

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Yeah bro, that is very sad. Hope war will end soon.

I ll try that! Keep in touch then :wink:

mende azerbaycanliyam bro

Ekran Alıntısı

Hello, how i can fix this error ?

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I have 0 idea bro. Waiting fix of this.

Esas dovletin ishi olmasin bu problem.

I think i know how to solve the problem.But i can’t find the old version of programm.Only 1.2.2156.0 that is not working

We need find someone who has old version of WARP

You could always try generating a raw Wireguard .conf with your private key with this tool

Then use a Wireguard client like or to use the VPN

Thanks buddy. Hope this will help

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