Cloudflare Warp Not Working / Connected

I’ve been using Cloudflare warp for about 5-6 Months now, but suddenly last week it’s started to give me issue that the internet started to slowed down and taking long times to load some pages and discord, and now every time I tried to connect to Cloudflare Warp it’s just doesn’t connected to the Internet at all. It helps me to play custom game in a server where it require me to use this to help with the Connection. does anyone know what happen and how to solve this problem? using regular Cloudflare doesn’t really solving the problem, it’s still connected to the internet but I’m still unable to play the game without getting connection issue.

When you say connection issue, do you mean like… lagg or completely unfunctional?

at first it was a lag, that the speed drop down massively. but now it’s just completely unfictional. when I try to connect to Wrap Cloudflare my internet connection went to “No Internet”

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