Cloudflare WARP, no access to Cloudflare domain


We have started to rollout Cloudflare WARP across the company but we have run into an issue with one of our Cloudflare domains.

One certain networks, with WARP switch on in WARP mode it cannot access any websites with that domain. Turning WARP off then does allow access.

We have checked the policies we have setup, disabled them all, and checked the WARP logs and no errors are found. We have also looked at the domain setup in Cloudflare but cannot see any issues.

This isn’t a problem on all networks, but we can’t pinpoint why you can access the domain with WARP on from some networks and not others. In Chrome the error is shown as DNS_PROBE_ERROR. Would appreciate any guidance on this.


Hrm, if you don’t want to disclose the domain on the Community I’d suggest you open a support ticket.

Otherwise, when WARP is connected can you do a DNS lookup?

What happens for the following 3 lookups?

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