Cloudflare Warp new version notice

Is there a place to sign up for an Email Notice when a new version of the WARP Client is released? We are going to manage these via Intune and it would be nice to not have to check the Site weekly to see if a new version is out.

Not that I’m aware of - so the fun (or not-so-fun, up to you) route would be that returns a JSON array of the releases.


You could setup something to monitor that, i.e a Worker using cron triggers, and fire off an email/notification somewhere whenever it finds a new one.

i.e store the latest ID (42) in Workers KV and have a cron trigger to run every hour that’ll fetch that endpoint, check the latest ID, notify you if it’s higher than the one in KV and then push that new one into KV as the latest.

That should all fit within the realm of the free plan.

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