Cloudflare WARP linux use IP local to connect websites cloud oragen

May I ask if this error you got when visiting your own website or someone else’s?

If that’s on your own websites, kindly may I ask you to check your Firewall Events tab if any appear? You can find the specific one by looking for the value of the Ray ID .

Otherwise, if you get this error while visiting someone else’s website, I am afraid you cannot do anything. You can try to access it using a VPN or over a TOR, but I do not guarantee because it could also be blocked and restricted too.
It could be that the owner of the domain name you are visiting is using security options available to him to protect his website either by blocking IPs, ASNs, countries, etc.

The site can block for any number of reason, that’s up to them and not something this Community nor cloudflare can do anything about.

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