Cloudflare Warp Linux Client for ARMv8/ARM64/aarch64 devices [2022]

Any updates regarding last year’s request for:


Any updates?

Are there any news about ARM support?

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I’m very interested in this too. I have spent a lot of time developing a solution for something that I needed, only to find out upon trying to deploy to my target platform (a RPi 4) that I can’t use it because there is no compatible binary. Super frustrating! If the repo were open source I’d be happy to build it myself.

@louise2 Could we have a response to this (or any of the other open requests for this) please?

Thank you!

I’m replying to this one also, in a hope that we might get a response on one of the currently open threads.

I’m interested in this also. There are many requests open for this, none of which have received any useful response from Cloudflare yet.

Multiple requests have been made for an arm64 client for Warp. The last thread I see about it, that makes any sense, was closed in 2021 after a team member commenting that they are taking it into consideration.

Could we please have an update on the status of the arm64 release, or if if there is any intention/plans to create one?

Until an arm64 release, it would highly benefit your users if either a linux binary were made available, or a method of creating a connection manually.

I am a longtime Cloudflare user, that deploys a variety of your services across many OSes, for myself and clients. Not having these tools forces my hand to start looking for an alternative solution with another company.

I appreciate all of the Cloudflare team’s hard work and perseverance in the fight for privacy and security. You folks have been fighting the good fight with extreme integrity and I am very grateful for what you do.


Release the binaries or let us help by setting up a test community so we can help test the software prior to public release.

Why is this important?

I run a Mac. Its ARM based (M* Processor) and run Parallels for testing OS and software release. If I install Ubuntu (Jammy for example) it’s ARM based. So, when I want to test the CF WARP Client prior to a rollout, I cannot at present. We have held off purchasing ARM based Lenovo…etc for this reason. The processors we have found to be very efficient (Such in the case of MacBooks) and would no doubt assist our developers as well. But there is little support.

You have ARM support when it comes to Mac and Windows. Support for the Linux community as well would be great


Hi. I am one of those who need WARP under ARM (linux). It would be great if you could add ARM support

It’s finally here :partying_face:


Can confirm, is listed now:

Haven’t tried it yet

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