CloudFlare WARP keeps on connecting and disconnecting none stop!

Hello folks.

Straight to the problem… i’m having this problem for a long time now…

Everytime i start CloudFlare and hit that BIG connect button. It goes Connected and then afterwards “Disconnected - Your internet is not private” and it will goes on an on for ever if i leave it be !
Here is a screenshot of the problem.

This is my first time and don’t know where to actually put this Topic in what section…

If anyone have a clue pls help me out.

Kind Regards.

That’s happens to me when the network I’m on blocks VPN connections.

Is this on WiFi, or Cellular?

Hello sir.
thanks for replying.
this is normal connection with internet cable from the router to the PC.


Sir can u help me ?

That doesn’t sound like the issue I had. Without WARP, what happens if you visit

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I’m LEAVING This platform. -1 user.