CloudFlare Warp issue with Jio SIM and iPhone Hotspot

Hi Team,

Some of our folks in our org were facing issues connecting to Cloudflare ZeroTrust/Warp when they use iPhone Hotspot with Jio Network/SIM

I spent some time replicating the issue and figuring out what was causing it. Finally, I was able to solve it.

Here’s what I did: If you are using a Jio Postpaid SIM card with an iPhone in India, you may also encounter this issue with Cloudflare VPN or any other VPN.

By default, the Jio network operates in 5G Auto mode for Voice and data services. The information suggests that “5G auto uses
5G only when needed for performance while optimizing the battery life.”

I tried switching to 5G On, and this actually resolved the issue.

I guess wherever battery optimisation that iOS is doing with 5G Auto is most likely causing this Because, with 5G On I tried all different network settings like hide IP and etc, didn’t face issue even single time.

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