Cloudflare Warp+ incorrect route

WARP+ connects traffic via London, which puts and extra 140ms of latency but also significantly hampers data throughput performance. I know that I have a Cloudflare POP close and my ISP is peering with it, via an Internet Exchange (via a conversation with the ISP). Cloudflare used to work properly before with latency as less than 3ms, now its just a waste. Can anyone explain if this is something that can be fixed? else there is no point in paying for WARP.
Tracert without WARP to Cloudflare.
You need to understand, that because of this I barely get any bandwidth, and ofcourse the terrible ping and slow website loading times, making it not having WARP a better option at times.

Since due to new user, here is TRACERT via WARP

Hey @DarkDreamSan can you file in-app feedback so we can take a look?

Also when. you state that “Cloudflare used to work properly before with latency as less than 3ms”, was that with a previous version of the application? If so do you remember the version?


No, I do not remember the exact version as apps auto-update. But I’m also using WARP+ on desktop via the WireGuard application and also triied with the BETA desktop app, the results were the same.