Cloudflare WARP gives Daemon error on Fedora 35

Whenever I try to register the warp client or do anything with warp-cli I get an error:

@fedora ~]$ warp-cli register
Unable to connect to CloudflareWARP daemon. Maybe the daemon is not running?

I downloaded the CentOS 8 package from the package repository and installed it using sudo dnf localinstall <filename> After looking around I found that you can start the daemon using sudo systemctl start warp-svc.sevice to which I got:

fedora ~]$ sudo systemctl start warp-svc.sevice
Failed to start warp-svc.sevice.service: Unit warp-svc.sevice.service not found.

Is warp not supported for Fedora yet or is it something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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