Cloudflare warp/gateway + Sky Broadband

Usually I connect up to my server through Tailscale but because I will be on holiday for quite a while and I believe tailscale will be slower, I am trying to configure Cloudflare gateway and Cloudflare warp to get it. However, It has come to my attention that sky broadband block unbound, BIND and certain VPNs. The Cloudflare access page does not notice it. This is the log for it.

{“message”:“Forbidden. You don’t have permission to view this. Please contact your system administrator.”,“status_code”:403,“aud”:“02aa8fc79bbebae013370ec72ebaa16f7edb7881e2c5790d0d709c69578184ad”,“ray_id”:“7a6da7dbae20dc45”,“ip_address”:“retracted ip-address”,“is_warp”:false,“is_gateway”:false,“mtls_status”:“NONE”}

The error here doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the network provider. It is connected to Cloudflare. What do your audit logs indicate?