Cloudflare Warp for Teams

I have recently tried Cloudflare Warp with Teams. Everything worked well and all policies were applied. But when I wanted to play games like Valorant ( or Minecraft, I could not play them anymore, I assume that there is some SSL error that cannot be verified. I have attached below an error message that appears when you start Minecraft. Is there anything I can do to continue playing games with cloudflare warp for teams enabled? Otherwise I would always have to disable this to play games.

Due to deep packet inspection and certificate pinning not being compatible, the applications detect a MITM on the connection and stop working.

Your only option is to either disable deep packet inspection on WARP or disconnect when facing such issues.

Alternatively, you could set up tunnel splitting or exclude teams from inspecting some applications.


Does this bring any security risk with it?

Typically zero-trust environments trust nothing, not even the people using the system itself.

However, if you aren’t in an environment that is sealed to a private network or owns critical data, I’d say that it’s acceptable to whitelist some processes.

If you don’t actively monitor the sites and network of your Teams machines, the odds are that you don’t need TLS Decryption at all; feel free to disable it.


Thank you very much!

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