Cloudflare-WARP down?


It looks like Cloudflare-WARP gateway is down, I’m getting 5xx errors (only HTTP status code responses) when trying to link/login to WARP clients, with the gateway subdomain.

Eg: https://[gateway-sub/team-domain] is throwing 5xx errors at the moment. There’s no error logged in

Can you confirm if this is a known issue?

Thank you!

Hi, I can’t reproduce this issue on multiple accounts. Can you submit logs via the Warp client?

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Thank you, I’ve just submitted the log via the Desktop Client.

I can additionally confirm that my setup is still showing 500 error at the login URL. I’ll share our teams’ domain/URL in a private message, tested from multiple locations and devices.

Thank you.

It looks like I’m not able to send messages to you.

My teams’ domain:

Thanks and regards

Have you enabled L7 filtering? If so that requires a client certificate be installed on the device(s). What is the exact error you’re receiving?

Also, are you using the correct team name (is it the subdomain of you authentication realm/team name/access subdomain) and do you have a device enrollment policy configured? Under Configuration…

Thanks for the reply.
L7 filtering is indeed enabled and necessary CA certs have been installed on end devices, but I believe the issue is different here.

Yes, I’m using the correct teams name (“connect”, in my case) and device enrollment policy is configured. We’ve been using this for quite some time now and now all of a sudden, we’re unable to deploy the rules configured as signing in to client(s) fail.

If you can check, a simple GET to: fails with HTTP 500 error.

Here’s the error from the desktop client:

and both of them are incorrect - I do have entered a valid org (that I’ve rechecked from the dashboard, and there are device policies configured). As I’ve mentioned, this setup used to be working before this.
The client is unable to handle the 5xx error and shows this message, for some reason.

In end-user mobile devices, the page loads in a single tab view and shows the same HTTP error (browser displayed page).


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Sorry for the issue here. Can you retest now and see if it is resolved?

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Can confirm that the endpoint is up, however, OTP login is not working now (no emails are getting delivered). I have explicitly whitelisted users in the access dashboard and additionally added them in the device enrollment as well. No success, emails are not being delivered.

Thanks again.