Cloudflare WARP doesn't work with my ISP

Hello, i just want to ask, why my fixed line connection can’t connect to WARP?, but my mobile connection can connect to WARP, here is the proof for my fixed line connection (via PC)

This is my fixed line connection (via my phone)

This is my mobile connection

AS17670 (PT. MNC Kabel Mediacom)
Network prefix

FYI, my connection is NAT, i think not a problem if i share my public IP address to this forum. I hope someone from Cloudflare can fix my issue…

Thanks before

Can you reach if you aren’t connected to WARP?

I don’t think anyone here can immediately help you, your best bet is to just submit a bug report

Of course i can connect to without WARP

And i’ve already submit a bug report, hope they fix ASAP :smiley:

I have the same ISP as you (MNC Play) and today WARP+ stopped working for me as well. I can connect to WARP+ but after connecting my internet doesn’t work.

Weird as it was working perfectly fine yesterday.

Have you reported it?
If not, please report it using help menu, this is very weird tho… And yes, yesterday is fine, but this day is not working :confused:

Hope fix soon… I think this problem is not from the ISP (PT. MNC Kabel Mediacom) but from Cloudflare… Because if i ping the WARP endpoint ( there is no problem… I curious what the problem that make WARP/WARP+ doesn’t working :slight_smile:

I think this issue is solved.
I can connect with WARP again.