Cloudflare WARP does not install, even when manually started Windows Installer Service (Ver. 5.0.19041.1)

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Cloudflare WARP file installation error on Windows 10 (from site

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After running the Windows installer service, then I was able to install the «Cloudflare WARP» (Ver. file. After a while, a notification appeared that there was an update for «Cloudflare WARP» — and I agreed to install it. But something went wrong. I was expecting «Cloudflare WARP» to fully upgrade to the new version, but instead «Cloudflare WARP» completely uninstalled from my computer.

Then I went to the website again:
— And downloaded «Cloudflare WARP» for my Windows OS («Windows 10 Pro», x64, 20H2, ver. 10.0.19042.508).

Then I check again that the «Windows Installer Service» is running and start installing «Cloudflare WARP» (Ver.

«Windows Installer Service» (Ver. 5.0.19041.1)

I recognized the version of the Windows Installer when I pressed the key combination: Win + R
— and I’m up and running: msiexec

But this time the same error keeps coming up!
Although the «Windows Installer Service» is running!


Please help me solve this problem so I can install Cloudflare WARP!

Have you cleared out Program Files (including x86 and Program Files) and the AppData folders of any traces of Cloudflare WARP? It’s likely that it didn’t uninstall correctly.

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Thanks for your help!
Yes, I checked, I don’t have any folder or registry entry related to Cloudflare WARP.
I also searched for the remnants of Cloudflare WARP using the powerful BCUninstaller program — but even it didn’t find any remnants on the system.

Question for the developers

Couldn’t the Cloudflare WARP program be written on a different extension than “msi”?
Because I see a lot of people have a problem installing Cloudflare WARP, which I wrote about.
It’s so frustrating.

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