Cloudflare warp connector

How to actually run the warp connector (and why it might not be working)

First and foremost Cloudflare documentation kinda s&%^

Let’s get the actual stuff out of the way:

  1. You will not be able to use your’s network ips on the machine ruuning warp connector itself only the ip of the connector on the other side.
  2. IP routes explained in link are for ‘clients’ of the warp connector so for exmaple routers, or if you want to make only device able to see the other network it is for the device itself (it still wouldn’t be able to connect to the device running the warp connector itself (you are able to connect but by ip of the connector in CGNAT space so you need to actually follow the peer-to-peer connection for that) on the other side.

So how to actually connect two networks ?
Two networks and, include mode.
Machines running the warp connector are and
Follow steps Prerequisites 1 and 2 link
You are using Include form in Split Tunnel you need to add those networks and CGNAT IP space to the list with Override local interface IP option enabled
Install the warp connector per the documentation link with the routes that are avaiable on the machine.
Step 6 is also the same link
Then routing
Example on all of the network: On the router of the network we will be adding the routes to the with gateway of the ip of the machine running the warp connector on that network so it is You are now able to ping or ssh or anything (with correct settings in settings → Firewall and obviously policies) from other machines in the network of
Example on specific machines: On the machine in network you will be adding route to the network via the machine running the warp connector on that network so via, the same applies as with router exmaple.

Ok warp connector is making the machine itself unavailable for some reason, i got it working for a second but afterwards it stopped working.
Because of that i added Managed network section and made 2 configs with the include mode for the 2 connectors with it’s network disabled, after that my router can connect to the machine on the other side, but i’m still working on making it work with other host than the router.
I think the problem is that the warp connector on network has still status offline while i can actually connect to the resources of the other network. or other problems with my routing.