Cloudflare Warp client in Windows 10 blocking redirect - how to disable?

We just started using Cloudflare for Teams and the Warp VPN client. It seems that even under the base configuration Warp is blocking some login redirects on external (public) websites. For example, our webhost is Their login page seems to employ a redirect after a user clicks Login on the login page. With Warp turned on, the login page just reloads even when correct login is used. With Warp turned off, their login page takes me to my account dashboard.

The Warp client allows it to be used with a “Gateway with DoH” setting or “Gateway with Warp” setting. When using the DoH setting, this redirect protection behavior isn’t present, but when I switch it to the Warp setting, I get into the these login page loops.

I’ve searched Cloudflare docs and can’t find anything related to this. Is there some way of disabling the redirect protection in cloudflare - even if it’s on a per-site/URL basis? We currently have no policies set up (like I said we just started using Teams). I can’t find a base settings area where I can adjust this “redirect” protection.
Thanks for reading and your time!

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