Cloudflare Warp causing High Pings recently

Since the past week, Cloudflare warp has been causing high ping and slow upload speeds, when connected.
With reference to Valorant, initially, the ping used to be in the 40s and now the ping is near the 200s in the Mumbai server.
Interestingly, the ping in the Hong Kong server, which used to be in the 300s is now around 117ish for some reason.
I have tried testing with different networks, they show no issues when not connected to WARP , but one WARP connection the abnormalities in ping can be seen.
Also , I have tested over few internet speed tests online and ping data is around 260ish , slower upload speeds but the download speeds are not effected.

This is probably due to you connecting to a different datacenter, check if the closest to you is operational at, and remember that…

Which datacenter you reach is generally controlled by your ISP (Internet Service Provider)'s routing and peering and not by Cloudflare. You can read more about this in our community tutorial.

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I checked, and it doesn’t connect me to the closest Datacenter for some reason. I don’t know where it connected before all this mashup.
Although, there was a statewide, internet jamming a few weeks back and this problem started after that only although the internet has been back now for a few weeks, and all the close data centres are operational as well, the problem is still there.

It might be possible, that my ISP provider changed some routing policies at that time and they are unchanged as of now, maybe waiting a week should resolve the issue.

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