Cloudflare WARP - Can't Download when WARP is Active - Network Issue


We have deployed Cloudflare WARP with ZeroTrust recently on our company computers. Everything is working as expected but when users are trying to download any kind of file from internet they see below error message on their Google Chrome browser:

Also, I can see a Action BLOCK log on ZeroTrust administration portal.

That happens on every download from any provider. If I disable all HTTP Gateway Policies the error persists, so I don’t think this is a policy matter.

Could you please help me understand why this is happening?

Thank you!

Hi team!

Sorry for doubleposting but there’s any another channel that I can get support for Cloudflare WARP than here or submitting a bug report via client?

Thank you!


I found the solution for this issue, go under Settings>Network>AV inspection and disable the option “Block requests for files that cannot be scanned” or create a Do not Scan policy to override the AV inspection for selected users.

Thank you!

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