Cloudflare Warp cannot connect on SITICable ISP in India

While on my fiber ISP SITICable warp-cli and Android app both fail to establish a connection with Warp+ as of 2022.01.25

The Warp-CLI daemon logs:
Jan 27 12:41:36 unum warp-svc[23460]: Os { code: 101, kind: NetworkUnreachable, message: "Network is unreachable" }

The Android app simply gets stuck at Connecting…

While on mobile data both work just fine.

This appears to be related to Indian ISPs blocking Cloudflare once again, which has never received any official response or remedy from Cloudflare team: Warp is blocked

Please solve this. My Warp+ account is now wholly unusable!

You need to raise this with your ISP. Cloudflare can’t help if your provider is blocking

Try Cloudflare for Teams. That should work.

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