Cloudflare WARP Blue Screen


I have been using Cloudflare WARP Zero Trust, but a few days ago, I started getting a blue screen on my Windows 11 whenever I install and use Cloudflare.

What should i do?

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Hey there, sorry to hear that. Are you able to report this :wbug: to the team from the app?

Additionally, some folks are rolling back to the old version of Cloudflare WARP Version 2022.12.593.0

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 15.28.06


I’ve deleted cloudflare because I kept getting blue screens. I believe the version of the client is 2023.,7.160.0

2023년 8월 24일 (목) 오후 11:40, vankasereka via Cloudflare Community <[email protected]>님이 작성:

same problem here