Cloudflare WARP blue screen and freezing screen issues on Windows


We have a lot of reported issues related to Cloudflare WARP on Windows devices that after the update to Version 2023.3.382.0 (20230404.12) or later, once end-user try to toggle Disconnect/Connect the screen freezing and the only way is to force restart the device, and from time to time end-user received the blue screen window and device force restarted. as a workaround for now, we are rolling back to old version of Cloudflare WARP Version 2022.12.593.0 (20230118.6) or older.

Not sure if other admins notice this issue?


We’ve had nothing but issues with the lastest version of WARP. Haven’t seen a blue screen yet, but many other issues. We’ve been working with Support for a while but aside from providing logs we’ve made no headway; I’m rolling back our devices today as well.

Same issue here. Any time I try to disconnect from WARP (on windows 11), my computer freezes and then a BSOD comes up. PRETTY annoying to say the least.

Sorry for the issues with this, are you able to report this :wbug: to the team from the app?

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Unfortunatelly unable to, can’t find the option. Lost a LOT of time today trying to get my pc back working, after the BSOD, it restarted, then pc kept insisting my wifi network didn’t have internet, despite all other devices here working. For many hours, disabling, uninstalling, installing back again, and lots of trial and error to have it on the internet again.

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Sorry for the pain, that is rough. The :wbug: icon displays on a mac like this, (I don’t have a windows test environment to show, sorry)

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 9.10.53 PM

same problem here with windows 11. reinstalling did not solve.