Cloudflare WARP blocking .host domains from publicly resolving

Hello, our company owns a .host domain for our website and services, users who install Cloudflare WARP can’t access our websites or services since Cloudflare WARP defaults to block .host domains from publicly resolving by using the local domain fallback setting.

Following up on this

It’s not clear what problem you’re seeing; I can resolve .host domains over WARP. What is your domain that you’re seeing trouble with?


The .host domains will be part of the default local domain fallback configuration.

If you have a DNS server that well resolve these locally (or on the corporate network if you are tunnelling there) you can specify the DNS server IP address in the Local domain fallback settings.

Alternatively if you remove the host entry from the local domain fallback list in your profile settings on the dashboard these should be sent to public resolvers.

That doesn’t make any sense. If .host is a public domain then why are you not allowing people to resolve it when using WARP?

Not everyone is tech savvy enough to know this, nor is it clear that .host domains aren’t resolving because you are defaulting to resolve them locally.

A domain such as .dev makes sense, but .host is used by a lot of Server/Web Hosting companies, and clients that use WARP can’t access the websites because it’s resolving them locally instead through a public DNS.

The local domain fallback entry with no specific DNS server specified for the domain will send the request to the last configured DNS servers that were active on the device before warp was enabled.

If this DNS server is not able to resolve the address then this is the result that is passed on.

Are you able to provide a specific hostname on the .host tld for me to test with?
I found some that were registered but not that had valid A records propagated.

If this is an issue where warp will not resolve these at all I can raise this with the engineering department to confirm the reasoning behind having this as part of the default.

You can try with

We have had a lot of customers who use Cloudflare WARP and are not able to resolve our domain because Cloudflare defaults to local resolving. Once they disable WARP it starts working.

I know we can tell them to just remove the .host TLD from local domain fallback, but in my opinion .host domains shouldn’t be in that list.