Cloudflare Warp 16280 installation and use issues windows 10

previous installation worked normally. now broken after update. manual downloaded also not installing

i tried to do repair but it not connecting now. disabled. your connection is not secure. also no option switch interface to english

and also account tab not loading. only rolling circle

There seem to be a lot of issues on, I would try downgrading to 1.5.461.0 here: App Center

also i can not uninstall Warp. after tried uninstall it files and folders are still exist but title not shown in “add remove programs”. any ideas how to delete it? also noticed abnormal memory consumption

you must stop cloudflare service and make it off. then restart and you will be able to unistall it.

Kill the “warp-cli.exe” and “warp-svc.exe” processes from taskmgr, stop the “Cloudflare WARP” service from services.msc and then try uninstalling from Control Panel.

Open CMD with admin privileges and use these three commands to do the above from command line:

taskkill /f /im warp-svc.exe /t
taskkill /f /im warp-cli.exe /t
net stop CloudflareWARP

If that doesn’t work, try deleting the mentioned two files from the install directory after killing their instances from taskmgr (default location: “C:\Program Files\Cloudflare\Cloudflare WARP”) and then uninstall from Control Panel. That should do it.

Edit: Didn’t notice you said it is not showing in “Add and Remove Programs”; in that case, simply delete the install directory manually: “C:\Program Files\Cloudflare” and reinstall with the .msi installer for version 1.5.461.0 (the installer should take care of updating the registry and other stuff automatically).

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