Cloudflare wants to charge me double fee for the Pro plan

Been using Cloudflare Pro plan on two domains for quite sometime now up until last week when for some weird reason when my usual invoice was not fully processed. Cloudflare only charged close to 80% of the usual monthly pay which led to a balance of $8 which we had more than that in the bank. So I got the usual email notification asking to have the balance cleared and at this time we’d already been downgraded to the free plan… So all I did is manually make the payment by clicking on the “pay now” button via the billing dashboard page right above the invoices.
Despite a making the full payment for the month of November we’re still under the free plan, I can’t make any edits for the settings we had for the Pro plan to allow my team to work remotely. The weird thing is we still have all our Pro plan settings in effect. Does this mean I’ll have to pay again to get back to the pro plan? If yes then why charge me double for the same month? FYI I already created a support ticket for the issue last week and was surprised to find out that it was marked solved despite not being sorted out

Hi kaka,

If you have not already created a ticket please do so and we can then explain the process that occurred within your account. I would also recommend reviewing the following article:

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Thanks for the feedback. I did create a support ticket but it was market as solved despite nothing being done on the problem. And read the article shared as well and it still doesn’t address the problem I’m facing. I’m not happy paying twice for the same service and I still don’t get why the Pro plan settings are in effect… If this is a bug then sure doesn’t it make sense to have it fixed?
All I need is to be able to access certain features that are configured for Pro plan users and move on with making adjustments as usual. And yes I have paid for the month of November

Can you post the ticket number so Laurie can look it up?

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Hi, kaka,

I have reviewed your ticket, can you please reply there as to what you need to be clarified.

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I have replied to the ticket. Something else, I really don’t like how you’re quick to close off the ticket when clearly my concern has not been addressed, please go through the issue I’m raising and also take a look at my invoices. Something doesn’t add up, especially when one looks at Cloudflare’s billing policy -

Hi, kaka,
I have thoroughly reviewed your account. The Pro plan total monthly payment is $20.00 per month per domain, as you stated you only paid $8 this month.

In order to update your domains back to the Pro plan at this time you would need to follow the steps provided here:

  1. log in to the Cloudflare Dashboard and choose the home tab for the domain that you want to upgrade
  2. On the right side of your page, select the change tab.
  3. You can then choose your new plan type

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