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We are interested in your WAF, but we are not sure how it works. Our goal is there are different IPs we want to block coz its trying to inject i.e."><script>alert(String.fromCharCode(88%2C83%2C83))%3C/script%3E&g=1&t=UG9zaXRpb246VCBhbmQgQ3xSYW5rOjF8T2ZmZXIxOiZwb3VuZDs1IEJPTlVTfE9mZmVyMjpEZXBvc2l0ICZwb3VuZDswfE9mZmVyMzpQbGF5IHdpdGggJnBvdW5kOzV8UmF0aW5nOjUuMA &g=1&t=UG9zaXRpb246VCBhbmQgQ3xSYW5rOjF8T2ZmZXIxOiZwb3VuZDs1IEJPTlVTfE9mZmVyMjpEZXBvc2l0ICZwb3VuZDswfE9mZmVyMzpQbGF5IHdpdGggJnBvdW5kOzV8UmF0aW5nOjUuMA,,,,

Is the WAF can automatically detect injection and block the IP or are we gonna set a rules (but problem is there is no pattern)? Our server is getting hammered.

i guess im looking for rate limiting, is that available in cloudflare for free or need an upgrade?

I don’t think Cloudflare is going to divulge what exactly the WAF will block or not, but you can certainly set up a test domain and try it out.

There’s also Rate Limiting:

I changed the domain name in the examples above to and got a sorry you’ve been blocked page… so I think you’d be covered. :smiley:

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