Cloudflare WAF is functional?

Hello, I getting hard DDOS attack through JSON,RestAPI and CRON vunebarility. It is constant 5 - 10 attacks per seconds, and my VPS server is userless. We was trying setup Cloudflare WAF but it looks useless. Even deploying DDOS protection and Underattack mode. And it is useless. I am dont know what to do. Go to Sucuri? But I like to use Cloudflare because I can have it all in one. I am lots using Cloundflare stream. Can you give some advice about best setting of WAF of Cloudflare?

5-10 requests per second isn’t going to trigger a DDoS protection, but bot fight rules, managed rulesets and your own WAF rules should mitigate things. Under attack mode would challenge all requests.

What form do the attacks take? Are your DNS records proxied? (What is the domain name so can check?)

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