Cloudflare waf firewall block mywebsite/login

Hi, to login to my website admin panel i should enter this url .

i have create firewall rule to block /admin for all who not equal to my ip.

and also i create firewall rule to block for who not equal to my ip.

for my website /login is nothing , but i just create firewall to block it, and the weird that in Cloudflare i see that is there ip from Switzerland and germany try to enter to my and get blocked.

why? and who are try to login to this place? im affraid thats its know and good bots or somthing?

Bots, scrapers, python scripts, etc.

Good practice to clear out bad traffic out there :+1:

Even better if you’d do it via Cloudflare Access / Zero Trust:

Example for WordPress, just change the URI path and would work for your case too :wink:


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