Cloudflare WAF Bypassing

Hello Cloudflare Community!, while my WAF works perfectly, it can by bypassed on the host file, so I wonder which configs have worked for you for not allowing direct server access but through the WAF.

Is an .htaccess redirect enough or, I’m missing an option for nginx? - vhosts or anything

I assume some firewall by the hosting provider, or using iptables / UFW on your origin host / server to allow Cloudflare using below instructions:

Nevertheless, your server shouldn’t be exposed by some other DNS records like A mail or using mail service at all, etc. for your domain name (or multiple ones at the same server).

I am afraid, no.

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Thanks for the aclaration, I’m checking those resources… Perhaps AWS may suffice?

Not sure how may I unexpose my DNS records of my main server though…

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