Cloudflare WAF Blocking WordPress Updates

The Cloudflare WAF is causing my WordPress post updates to fail with the following message:

“Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response.”

Here’s the screenshot of the Cloudflare log when it blocked my request.

Temporarily disabling the Cloudflare WAF solves the problem. I re-enabled it after I had finished updating. But this seems like something that shouldn’t happen…

The Cloudflare Specials ruleset isn’t tailored for WordPress. Your choices are either:

  1. Put your home IP address on the Allow list in Firewall -> Tools (this might work)
  2. Go to Firewall -> Managed Rules and find Rule 10073 (Page 26 at my end) and modify it (either Disable, or Challenge).

Thanks! Do you think I should keep the Cloudflare Specials group as a whole, or disable it and just rely on the WordPress specific rules?

I have mine enabled.

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