Cloudflare vs. VPN's

Ok, so I have a question about visitors using VPN’s to access my site. If a user uses a VPN, will Cloudflare display the IP address of the VPN or be able to override the VPN and give me the real IP address of the visitor or not?

Cloudflare will always forward the IP address from where the connection originated. In the case of a VPN this will be the address assigned by the VPN, respectively its own public address.

The only exception to this is Cloudflare’s own VPN, Warp, where Cloudflare will actually still send the original client address.


So it won’t show me the true visitor’s IP address (if they are using a VPN?)

No, this would defeat the primary purpose of a VPN.

It depends how you define that. In the case of a VPN, it’s still the visitor’s IP address as he’s connected to that network. You’ll be referring to the client’s ISP address, right? In that case, as I mentioned, that will be behind the VPN and not accessible.

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