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I’m looking for CDN for a Woocomerce site on a free plan (for now), but was wondering what is the best cdn to use in comparison with Quic? I am currently using a shared hosting, which isn’t ideal I know, but have limited resource as of now, and will consider investing something better.

The host server is currently located in the UK, where the business is based.

Many thanks

I am not familiar with Quic as far as it’s seems it is compatible with WordPress.
If I could suggest BunnyCDN and Bunny Storage to try out at least for the resources (like images, etc.) :wink:

Not saying Quic is a bad one, just I do not have experience with it and cannot tell more.

I agree and understand your point here.
I would also consider getting a VPS or a better, or at least some advanced/optimized Website hosting package at least due to the WordPress + WooCommerce being difficult to handle on a shared hosting.

Also consider some WordPress/WooCommerce caching plugin.

For starting, you could also try out great Cloudflare APO for WordPress (optimizations/cache, etc.) even I would recommend a Cloudflare Pro Plan which I use and which would be great for it :wink:

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