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I am new to Cloudflare and noticed that their domain reg free is much transparent than others. like renews my domain for $12.99 and Cloudflare is $8.03.
Just wonder how is the customer support. it there live chat support or its community/request basis?

No live chat. Anybody who provides live chat on a $10/year product is losing money on it. It’s really a zero markup feature for people already on Cloudflare who really don’t need hand-holding on domain registrations.

If you’re talking about the .com price, Porkbun is $8.58.

How does the support work? If a user needs to change the DNS/name server or any new entries. Can it be done by the user or need a support request?

As the Registrar terms of service (7.2) state, you can’t change name servers. You have to use the Cloudflare ones. And your DNS entries are already in your current account.

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