Cloudflare VPN takes 1-2 minutes to connect and after a short while it disconnects

Hello, so I used Cloudflare VPN for years but 3 month ago I got an issue where when I try to connect to the VPN, my internet gets disconnected and also the VPN goes into a loop where it tries to connect but always gets disconnected for 1-2 minutes and after that It finally connects for less than a minute and then gets disconnected again. So if anyone knows how to solve this issue because I really need this VPN and can’t find any other good alternatives, Thanks:)

Sounds like it might be a NAT or metric related issue. See if you can lower the metric of the VPN adapter so that it takes priority. If you don’t know how to do this try a tutorial. Hopefully that helps but you did not provide much useful troubleshooting information.

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