Cloudflare VPN Client - Mac Unable to Determine Connected or Not Through The UI

When I am not connected to the VPN/DOH servers I am getting a greyed out icon, clearly showing not connected.

When I connect to DOH it instantly shows connected. But I am not able to get to any of the resources that I expect to when I’m connected to a VPN.

When I connect to a Gateway with WARP, the icon looks the same as the icon when just connected to DOH.

I would expect that there would be way to know that I’m connected to the VPN and resources that I need. And actually trying to show a more “secured” connection with the part to DOH is misleading. I actually already have DOH from my internal home DNS for all. And I have ad blocking then. When connected on the machine direct to DOH I get the risk of malicious content in ads.

I agree, it would be nice to be able to quickly identify which connection is active. Would also help when troubleshooting with employees.