Cloudflare VOD, really no downloads?

Hi there,

We’re a new startup on the LMS (e-learning) industry.

We’re looking for a video CDN solution, and we’re considering Cloudflare.

I’ve read on their docs that you cannot download videos.

That sounds very weird and let me explain why.

Imaging that your business grows and you have a lot of videos and a lot of traffic. You end up paying thousands of dollars for that for Cloudflare VOD.

So at that point, you have no option but to keep paying forever, and the pays will only grow, or else you completely loose your business, since you cannot download the videos and migrate to another VOD solution ?

Is that right, or am I missing something?


I believe you are missing the fact that you shouldn’t use Cloudflare Stream as your only data repository for your videos. It’s not made for uploading and then deleting the source, it’s made for streaming the video files to customers. If you want to migrate simply delete all the files from Cloudflare and upload the sources elsewhere.

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