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Got a notice from keybase that a little-used domain wasn’t hosting my verification anymore and when I went to check on it, sure enough, the pages were timing out entirely or taking very long (>30s) to serve up very small static HTML files. I assumed the issue was with my host on the other side of cloudflare, so I hard-coded my DNS and verified that no, the upstream host was performing perfectly fine.

I’ve tried from multiple sources on the internet (time curl -vv -D - have tried fiddling with all the settings I could think of in cloudflare’s web panel, to no avail)

No matter what I do, if cloudflare is enabled on the DNS, web responses are many many orders of magnitude slower, and as soon as I disable cloudflare’s DNS/HTTP proxy, requests are perfectly fine.

Any suggestions for better troubleshooting I can do or settings I should look at? Note that I haven’t changed anything in my panel but based on the keybase warning something broke about 24hrs ago.

Updating to add a link to a also demonstrating pretty poor performance:


That’s consistent with what I’m seeing. About 45 seconds to load a resource.

Open a Support Ticket. Maybe they can take a closer look:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


Thanks, I’m giving that a go now. I see that they even do some common diagnostics as a part of the filing process. Maybe that will give me a bit more information as well.

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  1. Your server works fine without CF.
  2. Other websites work fine on CF.

Your server treats requests from CF different that other requests.


Makes me think it’s firewall related at the origin server. A kin to spam tar traps?

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Possibly – if so, it’s something Dreamhost has added as not any configuration change on my side. Given that dreamhost partners with cloudflare I can’t imagine it would be a conscious choice.

There is another alternative as well – something is broken with my particular config on CF or DH. Either a setting available to me, or one not.

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