Cloudflare verification screen shows on every webpage, some dont load at all


I am not a web admin or anything, just a simple user. Your systems targeted me one or two days ago for reasons unknown showing me captcha or verification screen nearly every time. In my opinion today it got worse because some pages dont load at all this includes your own - it shows only text making it nearly impossible to do anything on it.

Now this is where it gets weird - I couldnt even register on this forum because I was redirected to a blank page, I finally did on my mobile phone but then tried to activate my account via email verification link - again blanc page. I tried submitting a ticket - doesnt work, blanc page, I tried sending email to [email protected] - bounced back saying Im a spammer. Are you guys serious? I have to use my employers VPN to write this post which feels very uncomfortable.

I did some google search and it says you flagged me as a hacker/bot that is doing some attacks or DoS or something. I dont even know what that is, the most shady thing I ever did is watching some netflix show on an “unofficial” website once or twice.

I am using Windows 10 Pro and Firefox/Chrome, everything is up to date and runs mostly default settings. I used Malwarebytes to scan both computers I own - one came up with nothing other with low risk suspicious registry key I got rid of but it didnt fix anything.

From my point of view it’s me who is under attack by your systems and I need your help so that I can use my computer like a normal person again.

Please can anybody help? At least what to do or who to contact with

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