Cloudflare Verification checks only on one IP address

This is a question regarding my home network, not a problem within my Cloudflare account. When accessing websites using that use Cloudflare services, I’m getting “Verify that you’re human” checks on many of them from my IP address (Google fiber). But when using a different ISP with a different IP address (ATT Fiber), I don’t get the same checks.

Some of the examples of sites where Im experiencing this issue:

This problem seems to be isolated to Cloudflare, as my ISP claims no responsibility.

It sounds like your Google Fiber IP address may be flagged as suspicious, which is why you’re seeing more verification checks. To resolve this, you can:

  1. Check if your IP is on any blacklists using tools like Project Honey Pot.
  2. Ensure there’s no malware on any of your devices that could be causing suspicious activity.
  3. As a last resort, ask your ISP to change your IP address if possible.

You can find more information here on Understanding Cloudflare Captchas and Challenge Passage.

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