Cloudflare using wrong ip address according to Bluehost arecord is wrong

Since I got a Cloudflare account, my website cannot be found by anyone including Bluehost. They said Cloudflare has to change the arecord. The gave me the correct IP address to use.

I have no idea what to do. Any help will be appreciated.

Updating your A record with the correct IP address in Cloudflare is easy:

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Select the appropriate domain.
  3. Click on ‘DNS’.
  4. Find the A record that you need to modify & enter the new IP & click Save.

If it does not exist, add it by clicking on ‘Add record’.
5. For ‘Type’, select ‘A’ from the dropdown menu.
6. For ‘Name’, input your domain or subdomain.
7. For ‘IPv4 address’, input the IP address given by Bluehost.
8. Choose whether you wish the record to auto-proxied by Cloudflare or not (Click the cloud icon).
9. Click ‘Save’.

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Thank you for your reply. Your instructions seem easy enough, but I don’t know which A Record, or if I need to create one.

How do I know if I need to change one, or if I need to create one?

All of the type A records in the list have the same IP address as the one Bluehost said to change it to except for local host of which I don’t think it is the one.

When I click “Edit,” they all have the correct IPv4 address.

There are nine “A” records. Is that the correct amount? If I need to add one, what would the name be?

Windows Network Diagnoses says, “Your DNS server might be unavailable,” but I know that no one else can get to the site from anywhere, so I’m sure it’s not my PC.

The browser that says site can’t be reached, also says, “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

What do you think?

Pick the one with IPv4 address that has the same name as your website, When you edit, it may appear as the symbol @.

There are no “A” records with the domain name.

There are two though, they are MX type and they each have the triangle with the exclamation point next to them. One of the the Content fields starts with “mail.” The other one has a priority of “10.”

I do not see the @ symbol.

So what is next?

so you need to add it

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What to name it? Using my domain name, says the record all ready exists. It has the IP4 already.

Is there any other reason besides what Bluehost told me, that could make the site unreachable by all?

That is the record you need to update with the new value. Find it in the list and edit it.

What is the new value?

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The value they gave me is

All of the A records already have that under "Content."

Except “localhost.”

Now the browser says:
*.com uses an unsupported protocol.


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