Cloudflare using default port instead of set port for minecraft

Hey so I’ve been trying to set this up for two weeks and even tried to use different DNS/SRV websites to fix it but they all seem to still connect to the default port instead of my selected port. I’ve followed this video step-by-step and I’ve read countless community posts and articles: Cloudflare DNS Setup for Minecraft Servers & Websites - YouTube
If anyone could help that would be much appreciated, here is what my DNS and SRV records look like thank you!

Your SRV record is doing exactly what you’re telling it to do:

Give this a look:

Thanks I’ll look at it, but how come I have to put in my port to join??

Hm so it appears that it only effects myself, I cannot connect to it without the port but other players can.

Likely DNS cache. If you just wait a while it should work, you’ll just need to wait for the cache to expire

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